Check out just a few of dances I am teaching here in the West Valley
I teach all levels, all styles, old, classic and new style dances

this is just a sample of what my
easy intermediate ~ intermediate students are working on

(in no particular order)
Copper Knob Step Sheets ~ YouTube Videos 

Latin Crazy by Dee Musk, Fred Buckley, Craig Bennett & Vivienne Scott

Cry Me Out by Malene Jakobsen (we are using kickit suggested timing as a waltz although it should be danced as NC2 - much easier to teach as a fast waltz)

Rhythm of Love Choreographec by Jon and  Gail Levant Very Nice 32 count 2 wall intermediate dance.  3 easy tags and one restart. (You Tube Link)
Step Sheet Link:

Yes, My Darling Daughter by Brenda Thomason and Sun City Grand beginner Workshop Dancers.  

This was very special as 30+ brand new beginners took part in the workshop.

Step Sheet link:

And Many More! 


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